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No more badge no more #4sqday on 2014

I waited patiently before posting this , but at this time it is very clear foursquare literally killed gamification and badge to the last bit.. I am sure it is not only me , you can check several user feedback from here and this used to be no different than Star Wars Day .. #sad Yet for the old tim

Songza and Creative Loafer partner up with Foursquare

wow Foursquare is back in badge biz , After a long break there are back with partner badges !!! Songza Creative Loafer more to come soon

How To Unlock 4sqcities Badges

First you can check all the 4sqcities and badges from the map All you need to do is check 5 venues that foursquare published from the 4sqcities list

Achivy & Foursquare Ultimate User's Guide

Hi Everyone, I know it has been very long time since Achivy is supporting Foursquare, yet there was no clear guide how does it work, Sorry for that and better late than never I know most of you are already familiar with the features of achivy ,But for the new users , let me try to explain how does i

Completing the Badge List for Foursquare

hi all I am working on this issue — long waiting one I hoped we can find them all by the help of users but it seems impossible for some of the badges so I started to add them all So please let me know if there any errors/duplicates and so forth Foursquare notfound Badges

Backward badge rewarding on Foursquare

Hi all, Since yesterday, 23 July 2013, we saw two old badges is being rewarded. They used to be not available for a long time, So my humble guess is , they are rewarded with regards to old activities. Foursquare retroactive Badges If that is true,you might have unlocked

Cornell Research on Foursquare

Dear Foursquare users, Have you considered why you check—in some places and not others? We are currently seeking Foursquare users living in the greater NYC area to talk about how they use the service and their experiences of urban space. You will receive a $50 gift voucher to thank you for your tim

Foursquare Time Machine is just awesome

Foursquare just has lauched a new hack for their amazing big data. Timemachine is an amazing simulation of your check-ins over the map in 3D and you can see your stats as well as your personal recommendations from Foursquare you can reach timemachine from here and here is the amazing infographics f

GameOfCones is now rewarding badges

After a week of release Game of cones is now rewarding badges… New York Ice cream War Choose your side ??? Are you in the war zone game of cones map How to unlock Game of Cones badges Checkin one of the 9 venues and shout #GameOfCones

Foursquare Bug, twin NYU badges

a few moment ago began to give NYU badge again This a unique opportunity to unlock a badge for the second time.. see on user profile and here Links for badges NYU Twin NYU Orginal

Foursquare published brand new Expertise Badges

Foursquare is back in the game , Despite the rumors and some discouraging changes , Foursquare focused back in the badges. they need the users enjoy their every checkin and Is there any better way than expertise badges. latest additions are: Seafood The Life Aquatic Italian Molto Buon

How to Unlock Foursquare College Badges

Foursquare has been partnering with College since the very early days of its Partner Program, The most fun and challenging part of this badges is you can only unlock one College Badge !!! Till now the foursquare badges are only available for United States colleges from east to west, Today badge cou

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No more badge no more #4sqday on 2014

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Songza and Creative Loafer partner up with Foursquare

Achivy & Foursquare Ultimate User's Guide

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