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April 2014 , Top 40 TVTag Stickers

Top Sticker chart right after Once Upon a Time: Snow Drifts; There’s No Place Like Home , and another finale is coming this week Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End , yet it is Game of thrones , who is running wild. Green It Mean It on FOX Game of Thrones: Two Sword

Wanna be a moderator ?

Hi everybody, as you could see, i could not post or share enough over here , though there is still a good number of visitor on here. and if you are willing post and watch over the forums ,wanna a be moderator on getglue/tvtag forums ? let me know… you will meet new faces and all around the world

March 2014 ,Top 40 TVTag Stickers

Here is the monthly sticker chart of the month , I you could imagined it is dominated with the walking dead and once upon time stickers PS 1: There is a missing stickers issue on achivy if you can help we with . it would be great. here is the list : The Oscars 2014 Once Upon a Time: New

Missing Stickers from Achivy

Hi everybody, I will check the integration with tvtag today , so if you find any sticker is missing from Calendar or list . please post it here so i can check precisely for that. thanks for the help !

February 2013 Most Popular Stickers

After a month , full of sport event like Olympics and Superbowl.. here the most active stickers of the month Top 40 stickers of last month Super Bowl XLVIII The Walking Dead: After The Walking Dead: Inmates 2014 Sochi Olympics Bronze Medal 2014 Sochi Olympics Silver

Are you watching Winter Olympics ?

hi are are you watching the winter olympics ?, i missing the opening ceremony but looking forward to speed skating and ice hockey matches !!!! don’t forget to checkin as you are watching !! tvtag 2014-sochi-olympics Stickers

More TVTag Red on Achivy

Hi All , I guess the right moment is now, Before the upcoming changes on Achivy and right after the fresh changes on TVTag (aka ex-getglue). First of all- everything will just keep improving, no need to worry about that… nothing gets lost or dies on achivy ,!! TVTag on achivy will get two new chann

Widgets Are Dead, Topics Are Being Locked

Hey there people… Just wanted to give you all a heads up in case there was any confusion. I have started going through the forums and locking the topics with widgets in them. As far as I know, the adorable widgets that we all loved so are a thing of the past. Those funky little links that were the

TVTag App Review

I just found the chance to use the new tvtag app.. couple of impressions… guide is basically same… of course the look and feel is a bit different but you can still feel the getglue in the background… list of shows + recommendation for your liking in show pages.. first you will see more high quality

GetGlue is history , now it is re-launched with more curated content

Highlights More editors on getglue.. more tv critics, high quality content and most probably less gifs less cross content promotion .. more in depth content focus on conversation more to come soon there will be still stickers and a bit more here and here The new app replaces the GetGlue platfo

TvTag will launch today !!!

It is happening today… TVTag will launch in a few hours… GetGlue will relaunch as TVTag Early tweet from a itv founder dont forget to check your achivy email Where is everybody?? It’s 4:58am at the office and it’s launch day! tvtag #socialtv @ i.TV What do you expect ? what do you want to see? s

GetGlue Users Emergency Plan

Another week with a bummer news on getglue !!! everybody is aware of the Great announcement about GetGlue will be re-branded as TVTag from last Friday. And there is great mystery about this news for all getglue users. So better to be prepared at least on achivy. Emergency Plan for GetGlue users aft

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Have on Hand. Ready To Trade.

New stickers came in today!!!! READY TO TRADE!!! Breaking Bad Marathon & others

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Edited Supernatural

Digitally edited Supernatural stickers: @pennyfairchild

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tvtag Calendar

Edited Secrets of the Dead

Custom Grimm Stickers

Custom Grimm

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Comic Con 2014 Stickers: Day 1

Custom Vampire Diaries

Custom Supernatural Season's 1-6 By Kathy

Custom The 100 @jazza23


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