Do not let Crazy Eyes think she is your wife. If you hurt her feelings, you're going to need a mop. Thank you for watching Orange is the New Black. Continue watching to find out what happens to Crazy Eyes. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Netflix.

How To Unlock Orange Is The New Black: Crazy Eyes

Checkin via Achivy
Check in Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black

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sscrivner sscrivner

Crazy Eyes

sammy_samantha sammy_samantha

I still can’t unlock any of thesestickers. Can some one give me a clue on how you doing it?

anita.c.busby anita.c.busby

@sammy_samantha They are one a day for some ppl & others are being able to unlock them by checking in every hr or so. Seems to be a different routine for everyone. I would go to the show page on GG & like it for sure though..the rest is just a matter of checking in

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

trial and error on this one. One account-unlocks every day-another, have not unlocked any

sammy_samantha sammy_samantha

Thanks, I have already liked the show. So I guess I will just keep trying. Is this place best or doing it directly on getglue better for the checking-in?

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

It is very rare that I would defer to the actual GG site as opposed to achivy for best check in practices, but this is one set that seems to be finicky. They seem to pop from the GG site more.

altuure altuure

weird … I will check if there is anything with achivy…

sammy_samantha sammy_samantha

I have been trying for several days. I have tried hourly, the 5 times thing, the 15 min thing. I have tried every clue people has gave and still nothing. The Alex, Piper and Larry I got trough GG. These seem like the only stickers I have trouble with getting. /sigh

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

So, what your saying is that the only ones you have earned, have been through direct GG check-ins? Come to think of it- I don’t know that I have earned any on this ( my main) account- I stay logged into achivy, never GG itself. Let me check

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

Ok- seems I only have 1 on this account, and I know I check in a couple times a day- through achivy. I have 7 ( up till ‘Nicky’) on a secondary account that stays logged into getglue, but I am definitly not as diligent about checking in on. So, yea altuure- check it out . Thanks!

sammy_samantha sammy_samantha

Yea I have only them 3 stickers and I got them thru GG not here. I’m been trying here non stop. last night I went GG and got Alex but nothing else since thru GG or here. It is really frustrating especially when you see other people getting them.

zhanek zhanek

I have been checking in everyday on GetGlue’s old site only, and I have gotten all the stickers. Today I got Pennsatucky, so I would say to try the old site.

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

Just checked in with other acct on GG and unlocked this very sticker-I’m sure altuure will get to the bottom of it- in the meantime, head on over to GG- but come back to the better site for everything else!

ieatcrayolas ieatcrayolas

FYI-to see if any would pop on this account, I logged into GG- checked into show and 5 stickers in a row popped.

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