Hi Everyone,
First of all I should thank you all of your interest and kind words , It has been more than a year since we added GetGlue support for Achivy , and we have been a great great community since then.

I know most of you are already familiar with the features of achivy ,But for the new users , let me try to explain how does it works.


Achivy is not affiliated by GetGlue in any way, We do not publish or give away sticker from GetGlue. Although we listen to your suggestions we don’t have any power to make them happen on getglue :(

What is Achivy ?

Achivy is a community platform to help and share users activities related with badges ,stickers and other online reward systems. We support several applications including GetGlue and Foursquare

How does it work with GetGlue?

Achivy is only interested in stickers and guru titles in GetGlue . So what we are doing, is putting them in the center of our application. Achivy lists Latest GetGlue Stickers as they appear on the getglue. and promote Latest Gurus of special Titles

Where I do start?

If you follow the top menu and then click the Getglue you will open up the GetGlue Achivy Page.

How can I unlock stickers?

GetGlue has several types of sticker. depending on the type you need to follow the instructions to unlock the stickers

  • Time Limited Stickers: This is the most common type of stickers, all you need to do is check-in during the show. You can always cheat from Achivy GetGlue Calendar to check the time schedules and which stickers are available now. Watch out calendar always for those stickers
  • Check-in Stickers , those are GetGlue standard Stickers with their own rules
  • List Stickers: They are available as you check in a number titles from a list , generally applies to film festival stickers and so on eg : How To unlock 2013 Classic Film Stickers
  • Fan Stickers , Like the show and keep on check-in ,see more How to unlock Fan and Super Fan Stickers
  • Comment Stickers: Here comes the tricky ones. You need to comment a special text to unlock these, eg Siberia
  • Special Widget Stickers : These are most wanted ones.. They are specially hosted ,inside a brand new promotional websites. Most of the times, several good sticker hunters extract those widget links and submit those links into Special Stickers forum or right below the stickers.

How do I find a sticker ?

Please follow the links below and always use the search !!!

  • A Quick GetGlue navigation, easiest way to find latest stickers and calendar !!!
  • B Latest Stickers
  • C Complete Latest of stickers
  • D Latest Forum Activity

TIP: You can follow tags to find stickers in the same topic

Why do I need to login via GetGlue?

Achivy is free to use and almost all pages are public, yet when you login you can see your friends activities from dashboard and track your stickers easily. If you see a check mark on a sticker page, that means you already unlocked that sticker.

Achivy GetGlue Check-in Integration simply please try Check-in Via Achivy link to check-in to getglue easily and fast

You can also add GetGlue to your profile from Applications page

how to build lists

please read the feature release notes

Worth to read also

Users manual from ieatcrayolas
User Poll: Is the achivy site Great or Useless to sticker hunters…

How do they unlock expired Stickers?

That is also common question on achivy about No Longer Available Stickers , Those who seemed to unlock them are just new users… So they seem to unlock them recently although they might unlock them long time ago.


We DO care about privacy and we don’t send any email to anybody !!! for more. please check terms and privacy
you can also hide your personal data with protected account feature.. Go to Your settings to update it.

I need some support ?

Before asking for a support please make sure

  • you read this document.
  • if widget link doesn’t work , first click on this Link then your widget link
  • if you have any problems with receiving actual stickers. contact support @ getglue.com
  • if yo have no answers yet , please go to our support side and submit a ticket Link

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img ieatcrayolas:17/05/2013

Who knew that rant would become useful to users…

img mariah57:05/06/2013

I need help how do I get the stickers

img ieatcrayolas:30/06/2013

What do you mean? (A) How do you add a sticker to your stash? (B) Or, how do you get a tangible sticky-sticker with adhesive backing and a bold graphic in your physical home mailbox? (A): read the above post on the different kind of modalities stickers roll in, and check in accordingly. The failsafe way really though, is to check the achivy GG calendar daily and click the links of the sticker you want at the listed time. Another tip that may not be so obvious, is on the calendar page- all the way on the left of the screen- there is a column of " recent comments"- I always take a glimpse because any hot stickers or ones that need a comment and have a short window of availability are usually topics of chatter. Click the little sticker icon( not the username of commenter) and it will take u to the sticker page. If it requires a comment or it is a “stuck” sticker etc, there should be comments under it guiding you. (B) if your question not related to the (a) i just provided- my bad. To get your stickers, log into GetGlue, click “your stickers” and if you are eligible to get them ( I believe there is a post on that somewhere around here- u basically get to order once a month, 20 at a time) it will have a text letting u know, the just click " order now" and select your 20 from the window that pops up- type in your address, submit then wait patiently by your mailbox.

  • I realize you asked this question 3 weeks ago- and I hope u already have this answer- but just in case u don’t… There you go.

img heatherdelezen_ggga:07/08/2013

This may be a stupid question but how do you pronounce Achivy? Is it like “ACK ih vee” or “Achieve ee” or “Ah KEE vee” or something else? I know on the Stickercast he pronounces it “Achieve ee”, but before I heard that in my head I pronounced it like “ACK ih vee”

img altuure:07/08/2013

that was the best question i got till now !! so thumbs up thumbsup
I pronounce it like “Achieve ee” as in thestickercast podcast i hope it is not that complicated…
if not let me know

Hacker & Founder
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img heatherdelezen_ggga:07/08/2013

It’s not that complicated, I was almost embarrassed to ask. Thanks for clearing that up :)

img altuure:20/08/2013

first: if you are using mobile version it is not possible.

other wise first go to sticker exchage and there is a New Topic link on top..

Please write a descriptive title and your post in the message part ..

that should help


Hacker & Founder
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img ljc0504:29/08/2013

Is there a reason why CBS shows never have stickers? Big Bang & ncis are for their reruns on other channels & person of interest only does sdcc. I really want how I met your mother stickers!!!

img pllfan966:02/09/2013

I have a problem with my stickers.Every time I choose 20 of them,fill in my name and adress when i click send it always says Internal server error and i can’t get them.If anyone knows why this is happening please send me a message

img altuure:02/09/2013

i haven’t gave my order this month yet, but people are ordering and receiving sticker
did you try support@getglue.com ?

Hacker & Founder
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img greengremlim:02/09/2013

I did one order earlier today and all went fine.

img pllfan966:02/09/2013

I don’t know what is happening.I send an email to the support but still no answer :( I will try to order them from another computer in case the problem is in mine.

img k93:02/09/2013

Here is a Link for a site that goes into detail about Internal Server Errors and how to fix them on your side.


“All right come out with your hands up, two cups of coffee, an auto freshener that says Capricorn, and something with coconut on it”- Chief Wiggum (The Simpsons)

img peter_ferguson:28/09/2013

I was wondering if there is a way to check stickers off that I have ordered through GetGlue, that way I don’t accidentally re-order them again (as I have done in the past).

That would be a fantastic option.

img altuure:28/09/2013

I could not get that info from getglue ! i asked that from getglue team but no answer till now :(

Hacker & Founder
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img next2normal80:29/09/2013

OK, the last few days, I’ve had issue with the “checkin via Achivy” button. My get glue acct is connected and everything like it is supposed to be. I click on the “checkin via Achivy” button and maybe the first two or three times it will work, but after that, it just checks me into the program I’m trying to check into, not unlocking the sticker, even if it has been unlocked for us to get. I have to click on the check in via getglue under it, and log in with facebook in order to get my sticker. Why is this? HELP!

img altuure:29/09/2013

Hi there,

That is something from getglue again. I guess there are optimizing somepart of the getglue but they drop right away unlocking.. some I do checkin a few times to unlock as..

so in those cases till it unlocks !! :)

Hacker & Founder
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img barbara_berman:30/09/2013

i tried check in through the achivy button first, it didn’t unlock the sticker but it checked in. then tried the GG check in button, signed in through that even though i already am signed in on GG, and got the sticker. maybe now the achivy button will work again. i’ll have to wait til my next wanted sticker becomes available to find out. PS i’m on the website here not the app so idk if that solution will work with this problem there.

My favorite sticker I’m never going to have in my hands.
Sharing this one sadly bc iTV killed GG.

img charlieagron2:25/10/2013

Hi everyone, i just wanted to ask you how can i start a new discussion about the exchance of stickers.

img barbara_berman:25/10/2013

go to sticker exchange forum and click on new topic.

My favorite sticker I’m never going to have in my hands.
Sharing this one sadly bc iTV killed GG.

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