just to collect all the updates over here…

right now they should be available but no one could unlock so far

#achivygif… :P to save getglue !!

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img altuure:04/12/2013

while waiting

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img deniserogue:04/12/2013

My guess for these…widgets. But until we’ve figured out how to work those damned widgets, we cannot unlock these.

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img manigamer:04/12/2013

whats the use, we won’t get physical stickers right ?

img scorpional:05/12/2013

Here’s what it most likely be when we are able to unlock all these Hobbit Stickees. As when they do a collection either it’s done by a Countdown Marathon ala Doctor Who, WM29, and others or by listing the names w/ a Hashtag.

#Thranduil #ThorinOakenshield #Tauriel #BilboBaggins #GandalftheGrey #BardtheBowman #Legolas Thranduil ThorinOakenshield Tauriel BilboBaggins GandalftheGrey BardtheBowman Legolas

img waywarddaughter88:05/12/2013

I’ve tried the hashtags, no luck. I’ve even tried without it and on mobile. Nothings worked.

img laurielynn304:05/12/2013

So they stopped sending out physical stickers?

img therealmrsnorthman:05/12/2013

I got the widget but didn’t unlock the sticker. hmmmmm

and yes. No more stickers

img deniserogue:05/12/2013

Yes but for some of us, getting these stickers is also a way to make stickers of our own. Once you get the NLA banner across it, it’s pretty hard to take it off unless you’re really great at Photoshop.

A smile in every frown * I ♥ Caskett * Stanatic * Whovian

img davidryder:05/12/2013

where was the widget?

img annie3:05/12/2013

You can take it off & get it without Photoshop. Aislingeach has the directions posted in her FB..look her up as she is here on Achivy too.
The only thing you need PS for is to unfold the flap then..

img annie3:05/12/2013

Yes, that is part of why many have been in an uproar this last week.

img tascha_1969:05/12/2013

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_tauriel_zps18de7c09.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_thranduil_zps4630f128.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_bilbo_baggins_zps51f4442e.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_bard_the_bowman_zps02e35653.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_legolas_zpsba707136.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_gandalf_the_grey_zpsf481291f.png

 photo the_hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaug_thorin_oakenshield_zps5ab57d89.png

“Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get.”

img zuuziq:05/12/2013

Thank you. And wow the official photoshopping of Bilbo is pretty awful, he looks so alien.

Also, I don’t quite understand how people are having trouble downloading images of stickers that are NLA? The NLA image is a different image than the sticker itself and you can still download the sticker by clicking another part of it, at least that seems to be the case with me. or perhaps I misunderstand.

img melissa_garretson:05/12/2013

This is an email I received from GetGlue Support regarding The Hobbit stickers.

Kimber (GetGlue)
Dec 05 16:06 (COT)

Hi Melissa,

We’re glad you like the animated stickers! Stay tuned for more…. :)

For the stickers for The Hobbit, are you checking-in from their website? Please send over the URL of the page on TheHobbit.com that you’re trying to check-in from.


img all_up_n_ur_sht:05/12/2013

Funny that you mention this! I was actually on their website just a few minutes ago, going thru every link to try and find a way to unlock these. No result on my end. The photoshop ones posted on here is the closest we are going to get if you want these stickers in any form. Unless something magical happens to TheHobbit.com either today or tomorrow, there is no way that we can show unlocking them on GetGlue.

img davidryder:05/12/2013

Found this check-in widget on thehobbit.com Link

Its still linked to the old gg site, so it doesn’t unlock anything, but that appears to be the only widget I can find through the entire site. If you want to find it, at the bottom left of the site, theres a SHARE button. click that, and it will expand to show the check-in.

img all_up_n_ur_sht:05/12/2013

And I take back what I said in the post above…

So, if you go to thehobbit.com, let the main page load and look in the bottom left corner of the screen.

At first, you should see images that link to Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Tumbler, Instagram and above that, there is the image " SHARE > "

…I never thought that by clicking on that Share image, it would expand and show a bunch of other buttons to click on, with the first one being the GetGlue check-in button…

However, I have tried checking-in thru the site on my computer via logging into GetGlue & the other option of Facebook. It will say that I have checked-in, but NO STICKER shows up in my Glue stream/sticker page. Then I tried doing both of those ways of checking-in thru a web browser on my phone and still…no sticker.

So, if you want to write back to GetGlue with all of this information, be my guest. Because there is still no way of obtaining these stickers when checking-in on thehobbit.com page. :/

img mariafatima.melo.7:05/12/2013

I managed to unlock 5 of the hobbits do not know how I managed, just checked in and unlocked, someone else could?

img altuure:05/12/2013

did you also checked in from getglue site ? or from thehobbit.com site ?

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img morticia1963:05/12/2013

Did you use your 10 free credits and they unlocked using some of them? I wonder if that is why they have unlocked for you.

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