Find and enjoy the hidden game of your favorite applications

Achivy is a unique social network for finding and enjoying the hidden game of your favourite applications. If you think being a mayor of your neighbourhood on foursquare is cool or you enjoy unlocking your favourite movie's sticker, you are already in the game. You and many other people actually feel the same and Achivy highlights that game for you. Together we will find the hidden quests behind the applications and share tips.

Fun goes on with achivy

This game is not over and will never be. We follow the latest updates and and rule changes for you so that you can follow the changing world of the fun.  You can track your progress in the game as you level up. Moreover you can always check what you are missing and how are your friends doing in the game? You will find the champions, gurus and mayors. 

Share it proudly

Here on achivy you can create a unique profile page and you can share. You can also share your badges and stickers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or everywhere on web via widgets. 

Games are social

Free discussion forums will encourage the players get more out of the game. You will find the most interesting people and topics with like minded friends.

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