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On you will find entertaining events, challanging training, fun people with similar hobbies and local champions.

10.4 Thousand Users
29.9 Thousand Badges
13.7 Million Times Unlocked
Collect  & Share Awards as you go
Enjoy events just like virtuals games

Achivy converts real life experience into virtual fun with badges scores and leaderboards and more. Here you can see your process and find most interesting trainings for the next level. You will level up as you continue in the game and join the leaderboard on your local community.


Checkout badges & throphies behind the trainings and events


User discussions and community driven forums


Claim your title as a champion and see other competitors on leaderboards


Latest News and updates from local organizations and follow the latest updates


Find different activity groups and organizations near you


Find people who shares your interests and enjoys them with you

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